Marshland Toggenburgs


For Sale

From time to time we have animals for sale.  Our does make good transitions into commercial dairies, as they have not been under micromanagement.  I have been known to cull on personalities, no matter how well they compete in the show ring.  (As my cousins says, "Look at me wrong and your down the driveway." )

Bucks start at $300 & up.  We will only keep a buck past one month of age if he is reserved ahead of time or we think his genetics are good enough for our herd.  Doe kids start at $225 & up.  We plan on only keeping 4-8 doe kids this year as replacement stock. All available kids will be purebred Toggenburgs, except any out of Baby (Sondra), which will be Americans.  

Interested in starting in Toggenburgs for a Youth & 4-H project animals ?  Contact us for  special pricing.

If you check out other  Toggenburg breeders, you can see we have sent several bucks to herds with their daughters and sons excelling.   (Legendairy, Poplar Hill, Sweet B's 

2014 new arrivals are here!!!  Check out the breeding page.   

 Doe Kid - GCH Stars & Stripes (Tootsie) x D'Hammer - E2 Doe Kid - GCH Stars & Stripes (Tootsie) x D'Hammer - E3 
  (Sale pending) 
 Doe Kid -Distinctive X Rhazor- E6 Buck - GCH Phamily Inheritance x Rhazor - E7 
 Check out the breeding page on who has kids available. Twin Sister to "E7" also available. 

Semen Available:     Click on names for complete pedigree.

 Toggenburg Semen:

 +*B SG Cherry Glen Annes Arizona


 2-02 88 VEV      Full sister was 1st at 2000 Natl show and Colorama Sale animal

Purebred Toggenburg

 +* B Marshland PP Jumanji


 Star's Sire - USDA Elite Sire - See the listing.

Purebred Toggenburg

 *B Marshland Regal/J Darkstar


Full brother to Marshland  Regal/J Starbuck -sire of Top Ten milker & National show class winners - maternal brother to SGCH Starburst.  Son of Dionysius Cici's Chivas Regal.


Hogg's-Hideaway Sir Valiant


 10 daughters average linear score 85. 8

American Toggenburg

SG +*B One*Oak*Hill Sausy Phellow

 $30/straw or 


See Archives page for more info. - USDA Elite Sire- See the listing.

8 daughters with SG/GCH/CH.  14 daughter average linear score 87.4  PTI 2:1 +85 PTI 1:2  +116

Purebred Toggenburg


Alpine semen:

PB       CH Sugar-Ridge Snowblitz                A1081852       Pedigree

PB       SG Sunshine Seign Sedric                A1085273       Pedigree  $50/straw

PB       Lady K-WRC Playboy                 A1191116       Pedigree 

PB       Tempo Early Release                      A1159977      Pedigree

PB       Le Chevrier RMN Roc                     A0733112         Pedigree

PB       Y-knot Solution Solovei                  A958242         Pedigree 


Lamancha Semen:

PB Marshland TW Dead Goat Walking      L1224133  Pedigree    10+ straws

PB Marshland TT Webster         AL1277440 Pedigree    10+ straws

PB SG One*Oak*Hill U.P. Mickey Finn       L934151  Pedigree    10+ straws